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Welcome to Crystal Blue Consulting Ltd
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Crystal Blue is a network-based consultancy firm led by directors Dr Tessa Crilly and John Crilly that has been providing high quality economic and financial consultancy to public and private sector clients for over 15 years.

Crystal Blue collaborates with academic institutions, other consultancy groups and professional organisations both internationally and across the UK to ensure we provide our clients with the best support and most up to date research findings.

We have successfully completed over 200 projects ranging from small rapid reviews, to larger, process review, change and delivery assignments in both the domestic and international markets.  We have undertaken work for pan-governmental institutions, UK government departments, regional and local government groupings, individual public sector organisations, private investor groups, charities, established companies and start-up businesses.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and believe our record of completing every project on time and within budget, together with the high number of repeat assignments we have received, bears testimony to this.