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A Review of Sickness Absence Rates in NHS Organisations in the Midlands and East SHA Cluster

Client: University of Wolverhampton
Funder: NHS Health and Wellbeing Project
Lead contractor: Crystal Blue Consulting Ltd

We reviewed the average annual sickness absence rates (AASARs) for each staff group for each NHS organisation within the Midlands and East cluster. These were compared with the AASARs for the rest of England on a global, organisation-specific and staff group-specific basis. In addition we developed a costing model that provides an estimate of the cash cost of sickness absence for each organisation and the savings that would accrue by reducing their AASARs.

We built an interactive Excel model that allows each NHS organisation in England to compare its sickness absence performance with the rest of the country and against those institutions of an equivalent type. The model reports the organisation’s cost of sickness absence and provides a forecast of the cash savings that would arise should the AASARs decline.

Services provided
Research, database creation, statistical and financial analysis, benchmarking and interpretation, model building, presentations, report writing.

Our work revealed large variations in AASARs within the same staff group, type of organisation, and locality, suggesting that significant reductions in sickness absence could be achieved. Further, as the model reports the cash cost, the user can immediately see the budget impact of sickness absence and has a ready built tool to carry out a cost benefit analysis of any initiatives to reduce sickness absence.

Report published:
Available from Crystal Blue Consulting website 

Model available:
Available from Crystal Blue Consulting website