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Review of Services: Day and Employment and Rehabilitation

Client: Bedfordshire & Luton Mental Health & Social Care Partnership Trust
Lead contractor: Crystal Blue Consulting Ltd

The Trust aimed to modernise services in line with national policy, driven by client needs. We reviewed day and employment services, comparing the local long-established model against newer developments towards social inclusion and the 'recovery model' in mental health services. A process of data collection and analysis informed our consultation with managers, staff and users. We developed an option appraisal framework which enabled the Trust to decide which model of day and employment services should be provided. The process was successful and was subsequently applied to rehabilitation services. The Trust addressed the question "what service should we be providing?"

Services provided
Define data needs & design templates, collect and analyse data based on templates, including client needs assessment, consult staff and users to understand service context, opportunities and barriers to change, option appraisal workshop - developing clinical planning criteria to assess costs and benefits, report, used as basis for local consultation with community and politicians

Previous decisions had been undermined by lack of objective data. We introduced a systematic approach to collecting, analysing and presenting evidence. We led the Trust through a decision-making process that produced consensus. The final output was a report that had sufficient evidence and credibility to support the burden of consultation with external bodies.