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Research Utilisation & Knowledge Mobilisation: A Scoping Review of the Literature

Client: National Co-ordinating Centre for the NHS Service Delivery and Organisation R&D Programme (NCCSDO)
Lead contractor: King’s College, London
In collaboration with: Prof Ewan Ferlie (King’s College, London), Dr Ashok Jashapara (Royal Holloway, University of London)

The purpose of the literature review was to gain an understanding of how knowledge, evidence and research is mobilised (e.g. translated into practice) in health care organisations. It was conducted as an academic project, intended for a readership of academics, managers and practitioners. We surveyed high-impact, peer reviewed journals in the generic management and health sector literature (Phase 1) and used systematic methods to search electronic databases (Phase 2).

Services provided
Acted in capacity of Lead Researcher, working to the Principal Investigator (Prof Ferlie). The role entailed reading, analysing, critically reviewing, synthesising material and writing the final report in collaboration with other authors.

The study revealed flows of ideas and gaps between sectors, e.g. • Communities of Practice theorem has been imported into health; power perspectives have been exported by using health sites; • Resource Based View of the firm (originating from economics and strategic management) is well-developed in general management but absent from the public sector literature. The team was subsequently commissioned to undertake further work in the field of Knowledge Mobilisation.

Report published: